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Damn, I was really tired and a bit bummed out when I listened to this.. gotta say this really motivated me :D

johnfn responds:

Ha, great! Thanks for listening and leaving a review :-)

First of all.. love this new genre. I am not a big fan of dubstep, but this somehow makes it sound less "serious" and has a nice pitch to make it more enjoyable.

As for this actual track.. it was continuous and flowed nicely. However, I will give you 4.5 because, personally, I believed it was a bit repetitive.. but yet I wouldn't say you change anything, only make a longer version. Good stuff though, man.

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wandschrank responds:

I started with the chorus right after the intro, so the song is indeed not very long. After "The Golden Toilet", I wanted to make a short and catchy chiptune again. I also only changed small details in the second chorus (variation of bass sound, "drums"), so it probably turned out a bit repetitive. If I could use fancy effects and vocals, no one would notice, but since I tried keeping some of that 8bit flair, it's rather minimalistic.

I'm glad you still liked it - Thanks for the review!

Damn man.. I have to say this is one of the best tracks I have heard. Seriously.

The bass isn't overwhelming, the tune flows very nicely.

This made my day, keep it up!

Very catchy. It isn't too fast or loud, I like that. Keep it up

AEPfx responds:

Thanks, wont be able to make any songs for awhile but ill be back.

Nice man. It flows really well and it ain't too noisy. Keep it up.

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ChristianMossuto responds:

Will do. Thanks for the review.

Nice tune

I like how it flows and what its about,

If you allow me, I might use this in a video.

Uplifting tune

This really made me happy and made me want to go outside.
Would you be mad if I used it in a video?

SuckAlemoN responds:

nah, it's ok, just give me credit and let me know when it's done so I can check it out :)

I make songs sometimes. I'll probably make some stupid videes every now and then.

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